Barton Hill

Music has always been an important part of Barton’s life. He first picked up the violin at the age of 8 and quickly moved onto piano. At the age of 13, after fumbling through a few band instruments, he finally landed on guitar. He played in a number of smaller “garage” bands, until he graduated high school. After a brief stint in “normal” college, Barton pursued a Recording Arts degree from Full Sail University. In 2007, he graduated and accepted his first professional audio job, at a television post production facility. At Reel Time Productions, he edited audio for a number of fishing shows for television on Fox Sun Sports. Around this time, he formed what would be his most successful band to date, “Maybe If You Hit It.” The band received lots of radio play, with large local and national opening shows. Shortly after that, Barton took to the road and toured nationally for a few years as a performer and audio engineer. It was on the road where he really learned to hone his engineering skills. Everyday was a new challenge, as no two venues are alike. One of the bands he toured with, called “The Lacs,” asked him to write a few songs for them. This would eventually turn into a number 26 overall album debut on the Billboard hot 100, a number 3 and 8 debut, in the Country and Hip-Hop genres, respectively. The success of this album is what spurred the idea of Tone Distillery. Now, with the help of his team, Barton incorporates years of knowledge and experience, to help others achieve their musical goals.



A natural Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist, Angel realized at the early age of 6 that he had a passion for music.  During his childhood, he displayed an interest in playing drums, guitar, and even singing. Upon noticing this, his parents gave him his first electric guitar on his 14th birthday.  He’s since been active in the music scene, performing in punk rock and heavy metal bands while attending high school. After a few years of military service, Angel attended Full Sail University under the Recording Arts program. Upon displaying some of his skills,  he was offered the position of Front of House Engineer for some well known major touring acts. Some of his notable work includes Engineering for Rap/Rock band ‘From Ashes To New’, and working alongside Engineers such as Eddie Mapp (Papa Roach), Bruce Reiter (Five Finger Death Punch), Ron Kimble (Falling In Reverse). After spending some time on the road, Angel decided to focus his talents into his own band, ‘Devils Envy’-- A heavy blend of punk rock, metal and pop-like vocal hooks. Proving himself as a Music Producer and Engineer by producing their debut EP, the band’s music has been growing in popularity since its launch in January 2016. The highlights of his career sparked an interest with Producer, Barton Hill, and the idea for the Tone Distillery was presented to him. Sure enough, he agreed to join. All of his prior experience has led Angel to be able to provide a unique and fresh production experience. Helping artists create something to be proud of is his top priority.